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The Banja Luka Business zone is a landscaped area, with a total of 80ha of area, situated on the right bank of the Vrbas river, on the east side of the City of Banja Luka, 2km away from the admistrative center of the City.

The Business zone, as an architectonically landscaped and utility equipped area, makes possible the use of space, as well as the use of utility, administrative, financial, technical and many other services, and with that, creates a possibility for lower operating expenses for its users.

The “Poslovna zona” JSC Banja Luka zone operator, manages the zone and creates conditions for the presence of a fluent and high quality business agency for all companies in the area of the Business zone through its offers of the space for investing in manufacturing plants.

Our Vision

To secure that the Business zone Banja Luka becomes the most important location in the region, in terms of entrepreneurial establishment and improvement through the revitalization and further development of a high-quality infrastructure and through the provision of services related to that same development.

Our Mission

In the Business zone JSC Banja Luka we contribute to the local and national economy development, through the integrated space insurance and a high-quality infrastructure, as well as through the provision of quality support services to our users.

Our Goal

To ensure that the developmental needs of our users-entrepreneurs are fully satisfied, with our own professional actions and partnerships.


Become a User

04-upitnikYou are interested in doing a business in The Banja Luka Business zone? Fill the questionnaire and send it to us. Our customer service will send you a reply as soon as possible.

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